What We Believe

It is interesting to hear people talk about what they believe, and what they say did she
A kin full of views, we are, so varied and so full of diversity
That I don’t often talk about my own views of God and such, even to family ones
Or how they’ve changed over time to be something like hers, and something like Thomas Jefferson’s
A sect by himself, he said, though little did he know of mine and hers
General and by the constraints of Man’s organizations undeterred
There, as it is, is a belief in a truth for me and Thom untold
And on my mind as I alone with her visited, and as she alone got so very old
What does one say when she obviously won’t get well, but is living still?
“Grandma, you’re going to be fine,” I said. And she to me replied, “I know I will.”