I can do this

I can keep a journal and a blog of whatever is on my mind on any given day. I can do it. Maybe some days I’ll be exposed as a fraud, or a baby, or a woose (these are my biggest fears), but other days it will be good, looking back on it many years later. At the time, I might not be able to tell the difference.

Will I be honest? Why shouldn’t I be? What could I possibly admit that would make me seem so different from who I was before I admitted it? We are the same before and after our drivers license expires (though one time a friend of mine couldn’t use his license at an airport as identification because it had expired).

It is a new year.

We all know that people don’t keep resolutions. It’s become trendy to resist resolutions, because they don’t get kept, so why try?

Because. I’m going to see what happens. The point is not to keep them, the point is to try.

I don’t publicize mine, because I don’t want to be “held accountable.” I’ll fail, if I feel like it. I’ll change my resolutions, or do something other than what I said, and I’ll add more as I go.

Writing wasn’t one of the originals. But, what’s stopping me from writing again? It’s the perfect time, because I’m not watching TV (a resolution), so I have to find something else to do besides reading and yoga and playing the drums.

So, I read a book. It doesn’t matter which one, just that I read it. I pushed through. It was work. This book was well researched, thorough but really really detailed. At times I told my wife that I really didn’t like it and she would say, “why are you still reading that book you don’t like.”

“It has it’s moments,” I said once. And anyway, all books take effort, if I quit because it was hard to read, I wouldn’t read anything. It was, in fact, a very interesting story.

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