Please live

Some of us trust big pharma, or scientists, but we are mostly not scientists. So, it is still about faith. Beyond our limited effort and capability to actually understand the science, we have to choose who to trust.

I often come down against the norm when I take positions against fluoride, and statin drugs, and anti-depressants. And I’m an anti-vax sympathizer.

But I’m not against vaccines. I am for the right of people to choose for themselves, and I am personally selective. I prioritize the vaccines that protect me from death or debilitation. It’s not my goal to avoid discomfort. To the extent that there is any risk to vaccines, I figure the more you take the greater the risk.

That’s why I don’t get the flu shot, or the shingles vaccine. I’ll take my chances.

But this I know:

4 million people have died of covid out of about 200 million cases.

I know some.

3 billion people have been vaccinated. How many deaths depends on who you ask, but it’s comparatively few.

And I don’t know any.

I don’t believe that people should be forced. If we want to get this done right, our challenge is to convince them. This is as true for vaccines, as it is for everything else. If we want the society we deserve, then we need to get people on board.

I don’t know if anyone can be convinced of anything these days. But I have faith that it’s possible.

So, I am here today simply to say, please live. Live to fight another day.

3 thoughts on “Please live

  1. My husband and I both had our second vaccinations a few days ago. It was not fun. Where I had no symptoms beyond a slight pain at the point of injection with the first one (AstraZeneca), I suffered chills and headache and was not a happy camper with the second (Moderna). And yet, I understand that Covid-19 is a lot worse. A lot worse. A couple of aspirin dealt with the chills. I’m sure against the actual virus they’d do nothing. So yeah, people have a right to choose, but when you get vaccinated against Covid-19, you are not just protecting yourself, you are protecting those around you. You are making the world a safer place. By choosing not to get vaccinated, those nay sayers are making the pandemic last longer; they are endangering those people who, for one reason or another, cannot receive a vaccination (until a safer serum for their individual health issues is developed), and are generally assholes. So there. Be one of the good guys, or be an asshole. It’s not rocket science.

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    • All good arguments worth making to the holdouts. Surprised you got two different brands. Was there a reason you couldn’t take Astrazeneca again (that one isnt available in the US)

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  2. AstraZeneca was approved for use in Canada, and then started receiving a lot of flack because of evidence of rare occurrences of blood clots among certain age groups. My husband and I fall within the demographic that is least likely to experience blood clots, so we were able to fast track our first shot by showing up for the AZ vaccine without an appointment. Then the scientists determined that those recipients were better protected with a second shot of the mRNA variety of vaccine, and was actually being recommended to those of us who got AZ as their first. So we got that. Who am I to argue with the scientists?

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