Bucket Lists

I haven’t written in a really long time.  It’s hard to get started, cause, whatever, I forget how.  I can’t manage to get up early anymore. But that didn’t work anyway.  I would write, but it was crap.  So I’m scared it will be crap. Not scared, really, though I act scared. It’s just writing. It doesn’t have to be good.  No one reads it anyway.

But it’s on my bucket list.

Most people have things on their bucket lists that are about going somewhere.  I want to be on every continent.  I want to climb Everest.  I want to travel a lot.  I want to go to Morocco.  The Great Wall of China.  Things like that.  I want to go to the Great Wall of China.  But it’s not a bucket list item for me.  I could die without being there and I wouldn’t feel like I had failed my life’s dream.

My bucket lists are the kinds of things I don’t get done sometimes because I travel too much.  And because I spend too much on travel.  Because then I can’t spend the same money on achieving my bucket list.

My bucket list consists of things I’ve always said I wanted to do.  Be fluent in another language.  Write a novel.  Even keep a blog consistently.  Live creatively.  Know what it feels like to enjoy my freedom.  Hell, I just want to be happy.  That’s on my bucket list.  I should have found a way to serve.  I think it was Albert Schweitzer who said that those would be the happiest people, the ones who found a way to serve.

Albert Schweitzer was a German and then French!  Who was an organist, a philosopher AND a physician!  That’s what I’m talking about.  Bucket lists man.  And he was happy, presumably, or he wouldn’t have said so.

There are other things on my bucket list.  Things I might like to read, believe it or not. But it’s not the places I want to go, at least not literally.   Unless, I can live there.  That’s always been on my bucket list.  To live somewhere else.  To become someone else.  Man, I just think that would be cool.

So, there.  It’s a blog post.


4 thoughts on “Bucket Lists

  1. When my son (or was it my daughter) was little, he (or she) brought home a library book from school called Miss Rumphius, based on a true story. The protagonist’s father had always told her to leave the world better than she found it, so she purchased seed from the best seed houses and single-handedly sowed it everywhere she could, bringing the landscape to life with thousands of lupines in the spring. She was called “The Lupine Lady”. I have always placed an accomplishment like that on my “bucket list”. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out what it should be.

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  2. “Know what it feels like to enjoy my freedom.” This is a very good bucket list item.
    Also, I know what it feels like to be scared to write. Almost everything I write feels mediocre and, looking back, a lot of it is. But there are great writers who wrote a lot of nonsense in between bouts of greatness, so I tell myself maybe crap is part of the process.


    1. Crap is definitely part of the process. And practice makes perfect (or at least better). I also believe that some of us, will always judge our own work critically from the perspective of how good we are. In other words, the better we get, the better we see how good it could be and we will always fall short. But to someone who is where we were before, our stuff will seem like it’s getting better. So we must have faith and keep going.

      On freedom: I almost wrote that I wanted to know freedom, but then I thought, “how insulting to people who really aren’t free.” I have a lot of freedom. Whatever cage I’m in, is self-constructed.


  3. Don’t want to live somewhere else. Don’t want to be someone else. Don’t seek to escape. Be yourself and become who you want to be by what you do. Good luck!


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