Our Child

So when I say, “I am disappointed in my country,” it’s not unpatriotic. It’s the kind of thing I would say to a child that I love when he or she does something wrong. I wouldn’t say, “I hate you, you ungrateful piece of shit.” I would say, “You should do better.” (although I did once call two of my kids ungrateful pieces of shit)

Then there are those parents that think their child can do no wrong, who yell at you or your own kids because we didn’t let the entitled runt get his or her way. This is the parent who believes everything his or her child says. 

If you scold their child because the child was over at your house and clearly disrespected you, that parent says you are a bully. They teach their own child that he or she is entitled, and always right.  Hardly anyone defends that kind of parenting.  

But we’re not supposed to be honest about our own country even when it does wrong. People actually suggest that we should not teach the truth in school if it makes our country look bad.  

What kind of an adult would you (do you) raise when you are blind to the truth?  One that is fair? No. One that is empathetic or even sympathetic? No. One that is open minded? No. One that is non-judgmental? Definitely not.  

One that is the best? Not even that. Believing that you are the best when you are not, is a sure path to mediocrity.

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