Jet-setting Monsters

A lingering regret of mine is that I didn’t travel more when I was younger.  The one big trip I took, when I was 20, driving cross country with my best friend for was it 5 or 6 weeks, I can’t remember, is still legendary in my mind.  It was almost 30 years ago.  A month that I took with my girlfriend (wife, now) by train around Europe years after that was also amazing.  I never run out of stories to tell when something reminds me of one of those trips.

So, I wanted to instill this love of and comfort with travel in my kids, so that they would see the value that I didn’t see while they were still young.  We took them on a couple of trips to Europe, and of course, they’ve been to NYC, my home town, many times.  And since I started working for one of the major airlines we’ve taken advantage of the flight benefits to go to Belgium, Argentina, Ireland (actually that one was without the kids) and California.  They have also been to Las Vegas and Utah and Arizona with their mother.  My two oldest have taken to it.  My youngest pretends not to like it, he’d rather stay home and play minecraft, but he likes it too, I can tell.

Recently my oldest daughter convinced us to let her spend a month in Panama to study spanish.  She babysat and saved up money to pay for it herself, and the flight benefits made that a little bit easier.

We all took a mini-vacation to go pick her up.  But we hadn’t even returned and they started talking about visiting their grandparents in Connecticut.  “Can we just hop on a plane the minute we get back, since we’re already packed, and go without you?’

“Well, that is efficient, I guess.”

Jet-setting monsters.

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