I have this idea of trying to write each day about something funny that happened.  So here’s something that’s really funny, but I need to be quick because I don’t have much time.  See I didn’t wake up early today like I usually try to do in order to write and do yoga and sometimes pushups and lifting of barbells because I was up during the night.  I was up during the night because my 13 year old daughter kept us all up.  She’s gotten into the habit of playing soothing sounds on her ipod to go to sleep, waves of the ocean, birds chirping, chimes jingling in the wind, or a combination of all three.  If her brother hears it from his room he gets mad, because it keeps him up.  It all started for me when he knocked on out bedroom door and woke us up  to complain.  So I come out and tell her to turn it down enough so that he can’t hear it and she starts screaming at met that he can’t hear it. I get angry at her and  she says she’ll turn it down when I GET OUT of her room.  So I do, and I tell my son to let me know if she doesn’t turn it down and she screams back that she already has.  I go back to bed.  Next think I know she is screaming “OPEN MY DOOR” over and over again at the top of her lungs because my son, who could still hear takes what I consider a very reasonable approach by closing her door.  My wife and I intervene and she won’t shut up no matter what we say, so we threaten to beat the living shit out of her, hold her down after she attacks her mother, finally ground her for a month and take her ipod away.  Now she’s screaming GIVE IT BACK at the top of her lungs over and over again, while her mother and I are looking at each other outside her room at a loss as to what to do.  This goes on for an indeterminate amount of time before we decide that the only thing we can do is to video record it.  I get the camera and stand in her room videotaping her for 25 minutes before she winds down softly enough that I decline my wifes offer to let me take the kids to a hotel.  During this time she has ended up on the floor, where I assume she slept all night.  Did I mention she’s gifted?

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