Woke up late.  Did some pushups and barbell lifting.  Went for a bikeride.  Felt weak.  Came home, showered.  Made steak and eggs with a piece of filet mignon that was left over from the belated birthday dinner my wife made me, having left me on my actual birthday to take the kids somewhere for September break.  Watched tv.  Read a little of the Maltese Falcon.  Went to Best Buy to replace a headset that actually wasn’t the problem so daughter could do her rosetta stone on her windows XP.  Went to T-mobile and upgraded the wife’s phone, then found the same phone for less at Target.  Came home had apple pie and ice cream for dinner.  Watched extremely loud and incredibly close, which wasn’t a bad movie.  Looked at pictures from my wife and kid’s trip. Cleaned the kitchen, waited for the rain to stop, then let the dog out and took out the composting. Braided my daughter’s hair. Turned out the lights. Went to bed.

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